About Me

Natalia Naomi is a Christian t-shirt lifestyle brand founded by an ambitious dreamer Laydee Cannon with a BFA in fashion design and merchandising. Despite challenges, she launched the brand infused with faith and purpose, inspired by her daughters' middle names. Natalia Naomi represents God's guidance and grace, a testament to perseverance and a long-awaited dream. The t-shirt venture grew from an idea, guided by timely interventions, prompting her to share the gospel's beauty through designs. Named after her daughters, Natalia Naomi symbolizes nurturing faith and dreams. This is a journey of obedience, growth, and legacy, firmly rooted in Him.

Our Mission

At Natalia Naomi, our unwavering mission is to glorify Christ through our creations, crafting high-quality products that serve as powerful expressions of our faith. With each design, we aim to plant a seed of inspiration, sparking a profound connection that resonates deep within the hearts of those who encounter our brand.